Ania Nalecka – born 1977, book designer (alias Tapir Book Design since 2009). 
Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice – Printmaking and Graphic Design – in 2002.
Guest workshops: ISSP (Kuldiga, Latvia, 2014), PHOTOEspana 2014 (Madrid, Spain, 2014), FUAM (Istanbul, Turkey, 2015), Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice (Katowice, Poland, 2016), Fonderia 20.9 (Werona, Italy, 2017), DOOR (Rome, Italy, 2017), CNA (Dudelange, Lunxemburg, 2017), Anzenberger Gallery (Vienna, Austria, 2018).
Guest lectures: Sputnik Photos Mentoring Programme (Warsaw, Poland), National Film School in Lodz (Poland, 2013), Print Control (Warsaw, Poland, 2013), PHOTOEspana (Madrid, Spain, 2014), Self-publish Riga (Latvia, 2014), Fotoistambul (Turkey, 2014), ViennaPhotobookFestival (Austria, 2015), Spine (Stockholm, Sweden, 2015), 6 pt, (Vilnius, Lithuania, 2015), Photobook Bristol (Bristol, UK, 2016), MOCAK (Kraków, Poland, 2017), Xprint (Poznan, Poland, 2017), WJF/We are all photographers (Warszawa, Poland, 2018), University of Hartford (Berlin, Germany, 2018).Co-curated with Rafal Milach Sputnik Photos’ exhibition “Stand By” and “Distant Place” and with NOPHOTO publication+exhibition “Mapping the Blind Spots” for PHOTOEspana 2014. With Sputnik Photos – Photo-eye for Best Books of 2012 (best books by Sputnik Photos, USA) and The Curated Bookshelf w FOAM Museum, (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). Curator of ShowOFF 2015, part of Photomonth in Kraków, working on the book with Yulia Krivich.
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